Raimi: Chapters from a 1989 Book on Student Dishonesty in College

Raimi: Chapters from a 1989 Book on Student Dishonesty in College



Academic Dishonesty in College


1989 and (in very slightly revised form) 2004 by Ralph A. Raimi unless otherwise indicated.

Table of Contents, A list of chapter titles, not very interesting. Revised 6/15/2004.

Chapter 1, General Comments, An introduction to the problem, including definitions of cheating and plagiarism not generally fully understood within the academy, and with some examples taken from cases I have been witness to. Revised 5/17/2004.

Chapter 2, Honor Codes, Remarks on the writing-out of the unwritten law of gentlemen, compared with the written law as understood by more ordinary citizens. Revised 5/24/2004.

Chapter 3, Due Process of Law, On how dishonesty trials within the university should be conducted, and what the legal system of the outside world has to say about it, too. Revised 6/6/2004.

Chapter 4, Home Work, On the monitoring of "homework problems", term papers and other work done outside of class or the exam room, but submitted for grading nonetheless. Revised 6/6/2004.

Chapter 5, The Assignment, How honesty and care in presenting the assignment to the student induces, deserves, and almost compels honesty in response. Revised 6/14/2004.

Chapter 6, The Range of Punishments, How a little imagination can bridge the gap between expulsion and a slap on the wrist. Revised 6/14/2004.

Chapter 7, Secrecy, An argument for keeping the record of academic dishonesty infractions confidential, even though criminal offenses in the public domain are not. Revised 6/14/2004.

Chapter 8, Why Bother?, An explanation of why professors should take seriously their responsibility for monitoring the validity of their students' alleged accomplishments. Revised 6/14/2004.

Chapter 9, Grades and Examinations, Whether reform in college systems of grades and examinations can contribute to the solution of the problem of academic dishonesty. Revised 6/14/2004.

Appendix 1, A Policy Statement, Here is presented in all formality the Constitution of the system for dealing with the problem of academic dishonesty among students at the University of Rochester as it existed in the period 1967-1988 and perhaps beyond. Revised 6/14/2004.

Appendix 2, Autobiographical Note, A solemn psychoanalytical account of how the author (me) came to be mixed up in all this. Revised 6/14/2004.

Appendix 3, A Footnote for Reformers, A very brief statement of my legal philosophy as it relates to the honesty question in the university. Revised 6/15/2004.

Bibliography, Including some notes on what the entries contain. Revised 6/15/2004.

Other footnotes or anecdotes related to the subject matter of the book printed above might or migh not be added to this list from time to time.