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Response to John Merrow’s advocacy of Project-based Learning

John Merrow has started a series of posts advocating project based learning. I just posted the following to his website: Last Week, Water. This Week, AIR. (The Series Continues) John, It’s disappointing to see you disparaging the teaching of factual information: … Continue reading

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Richard Phelps: Is our education system failing us? Critically Speaking

CriticallySpeak @CritiSpeak K12 is in trouble! Johnny can’t read, write or do arithmetic, even with a college degree. Interview with Dr. Richard Phelps CriticallySpeaking podcast ‎Critically Speaking on Apple Podcasts ‎@@string1@@ · 2019

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Letter to NPR’s Ari Shapiro and producers of their “individualized learning” podcast

From: Erich Martel Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2018 To: ‘’ Dear Ari Shapiro and Individualized Learning (and Project Based Learning) Podcast Producers, I want to make three points re “Individualized Learning” and all claims pertaining to education: 1) Always look … Continue reading

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