What can we do now: Education in America is a victim of Covid 19

AL’s education rating is already at the bottom of the heap nationally, but I don’t think any states are faring well today, and I don’t think any states have a solution.

Am I alone in thinking that American education is going down the tubes with no one doing anything about it?  This time, private/religious education is also being forced by the various governors into going down the tubes also.  Parents in AL are being forced to “home school” via “virtual learning” that is going to be “virtual chaos” by the time our schools open here. And I betcha this pretend education is going to cost more than ever.

I thought about how we got started in 2011 and actually accomplished our goal of informing the public about CC.  What about brainstorming again to:

Identify what will be going on when schools open across the US very soon;  what should be done, and how can it be done.

America will, I expect, be spending more money than ever with absolutely no idea what the result will be.  And what about the families, the parents and children–who have no real choices because the various governors are making “shooting from the hip” decisions that affect all citizens.  Even  church schools have no choices as long as Covid 19 rules.  In AL parents don’t know day to day whether a teacher or student will be diagnosed with covid and the school (or daycare) will be shut down for 2 weeks. 

The only real solution is homeschooling with a competent parent or parent substitute.  But how many families can fit into this scenario?  Churches are being shut down so how can their school umbrellas work, much less their schools? 

I welcome ideas and prayers.  I have a 5 year old grandson so I do have skin in the game.  But all of us have “skin in the game of education” because we care about the children of today who will be the citizens and parents and government of tomorrow.

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