Tom Oakland, 1939-2015

Tom Oakland

Thomas D. Oakland, 1939-2015

Tom Oakland epitomized the gentleman scholar. He was a world-renowned expert in educational assessment and evaluation–one of the best. He was also a tireless supporter of the Nonpartisan Education Review, from its beginning until his untimely end.

I last saw Tom at the International Testing Commission conference in San Sebastian, Spain. While many other movers and shakers maximized their time networking with like kind, Tom spent pretty much the entire time manning the ITC booth in the exhibit area. And, when traffic was slow at the booth, he circulated among the poster presenters. You know the poster presenters–the young, typically graduate students, trying to break into the profession.

Tom went from poster to poster, at each thanking the presenter for attending the conference and inquiring about their work and plans and making suggestions. Absolutely selfless. Always focused on the common good.

They don’t make them like Tom anymore.

Many–worldwide–will miss him.

Richard P. Phelps



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