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Sandra Stotsky:

Curriculum Vitae
former University of Arkansas faculty page

archives at Pioneer Institute
author page at New Boston Post
author page at Minding the Campus
articles in Academic Questions
author page at Martin Center for Academic Renewal
author page at the Heritage Foundation

The Costs of Federal Intervention in Local Education: The Effectiveness of America's Choice in Arkansas
Elementary Teacher Education Is Broken and Needs to Be Reinvented. Here's a Guide for Reform
An English Language Arts Curriculum Framework for American Public Schools: A Model
Government-Sponsored Research on Education: The Evaluation Brief on State Capacity for "Turnaround"
High School Size and the Education of All Students in 9-12: What the Research Suggests
How the USED has managed to get it wrong, again
How to Address Common Core's Reading Standards: Licensure Tests for K-6 Teachers
How to Clean Up the Common Core Mess in Massachusetts
How To Become Secretary of Education Without Really Doing Anything
How to Honor the English Curriculum and the Study of U.S. History: A Response to Concerns Expressed by Teachers at a California Conference
How to Maintain the Massachusetts Education Miracle
How US School Policy is Planned (or Planted)
Indoctrinating our youth: How a U.S. Public School Curriculum Skews the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Interesting review of Arne Duncan's book, by fellow Chicagoan Bill Ayers
Is Common Core Racist? Check Out The Results
Letter to sponsors on Common Core Validation (.doc)
Licensure Tests for Special Education Teachers: How Well They Assess Knowledge of Reading Instruction and Mathematics (2008)
Links to articles on standards-based grading
Literary Study in Grades 9, 10, and 11: A National Survey, in Forum: A Publication of the ALSCW, Number 4, Fall 2010
Michigan Senate Bill 826: Replace Common Core with pre-2011 Massachusetts Standards
Peisch Says Repealing Common Core Would Be "Huge Mistake"
Reading At Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading in America, National Endowment for the Arts (2004)
State of ELA under Common Core
State English Standards (1997)
Summary of and Comments on the Middle School Mathematics Initiative
Teacher Incompetence or Lack of Adequate Training?
Who watches the watchmen? Transparency might guard the integrity of the tests given by the National Assessment of Educational Progress
Why Reading Teachers Are Not Trained to Use a Research-Based Pedagogy
Why We Must Raise the Bar for Admission to an Education School
Brookline's Future

Documents from the Massachusetts "Education Miracle" (i.e., the years before Common Core adoption):

Massachusetts Education Reform Act (MERA) and Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS)

Driscoll; Berger; Hambleton; Keller; Maloy, Hart, Oh, and Getis; Bowles; Gougeon; McDermott; Churchill, Education Reform: Ten Years after the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993
2003 Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Frameworks
Mathematics and Science Courses Required or Recommended for Admission into Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs at Massachusetts Institutions of Higher Education (2003)
Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Framework (2000)
Supplement to the Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Framework: Grades 3, 5, and 7 Grade Level Standards
Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework, May 2001
Massachusetts School-to-College Report High School Class of 2005, February 2008

Will Fitzhugh:

articles in Academic Questions
author page at Martin Center for Academic Renewal
author page at Minding the Campus

Brief sketch of the problem
The College Puzzle
Double Vision
Driven to Distraction
Hard Work by Students
High Mediocrity
Know Nothings II
Luxury or Necessity? Term Papers in U.S. High Schools
Major Players
Media Blackout
Multiple Alternatives
A New Core
Peer Pressure: Academic Incentives & Rewards for Secondary Students
Peremptory Challenges
Ready or Not
Romantic Fiction
The State of the Term Paper
Students Last
Trickle Down Academic Elitism
Trivial Pursuit
The Whole Nine Yards
On Writing
Writing Report

Erich Martel:

Letter to NPR's Ari Shapiro and producers of their "individualized learning" podcast # Another post-Inaugural Change: The calendar # Martin Luther King's non-violence: Personal belief or strategy or both? # Jay Mathews: pt 1 of 3 pt Review of Caleb Rossiter 's new book: "Aint Nobody Be Learnin' Nothin': The Fraud and the Fix for High Poverty Schools" # Review of the Minnesota Academic Standards in Social Studies # Accountability, responsibility and failed student achievement: Who is responsible? Who is accountable? How can it be fixed? [Washington, DC] # School Governance, Academic Accountability, and Student Achievement [Washington, DC] # DCPS closes 15 schools in 2013: Parents' lawsuit yields over 18,000 pages of internal DCPS emails and emails between DCPS managers and foundation donors relating to the closure. They reveal much more about the relationship between foundation donors and DCPS managers that the public rarely sees. # DC's Friendship Collegiate Charter HS's CEO released three redacted student transcripts. On each one, courses required for graduation are missing and many courses show credit values that were inflated. # How Making the Graduation Rate into a School Performance Measure Undermined Teaching and Learning: Descriptions, Analysis, Accounts # Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Washington, D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) and the Walton Family Foundation (WFF) # Documents Related to DCPS Altered Student Records # Open Letter to the DC Federal City Council: Transparency in performance metrics needed for all schools, including charters # The GAO Report on DC Charter Schools' Suspension Rates # INVESTIGATION REQUEST: Into the process of selecting a Chancellor nominee (or, the DC Public Schools lie with statistics ...again # DC Public Schools Fail to Meet Performance Requirements of 4 Foundation Grants # Teaching in a Culture of Fear - the Atlanta Scandal

Robert Oliphant:

No Child Left Behind, No Diploma Left Unquestioned - The Social Impact of Standardized Achievement Testing # Pre-Disaster Educational Planning and Personal-Best Learning # Phantom Baccalaureates and the Princeton Review # Chinese-Australian Pronunciation versus Standard American Pronunciation # Modern Metrology and the Revision of our Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing # Standard Worldwide American Dictionary English versus Polyglot America: A Survival Kit for Personal-Growth Learners # Learning the Lord's Prayer in Gothic: A Personal Best Achievement for American High School Students # For-Profit Colleges and American Salesmanship — A Unique Opportunity # AlzHope: A Multi-volume eBook Confidence Builder for Alzheimer’s Worriers # GI Bill Students and Their Equal Opportunity to Fail # Sina English and American Dictionaries: A New Partnership # Too Clever by Half: The Economist Is Bullying Americans into Intellectual Submission # BigVocab: A Dictionary-based Guide to Metrologically Authoritative Vocabulary Testing and Learning # Speak Sharp: How to Be an Effective User of Standard Worldwide American Pronunciation English # Recitation Whiz: A Structural Method for Memorizing Poems and Other Texts # Shakespeare in the Head for Health: A Reality Orientation Option for Alzheimer's Worriers # WordEdge: A Career Mobility Guide to High Speed Dictionary-Based Electronic Learning and Testing, # Should Americans over Fifty Try to Avoid Alzheimer's Disease? A Positive View # An Access-Dictionary of Internationalist High Tech Latinate English # Dictionary Based Learning: The Personal-Best Route to Vocabulary Power, Reading Comprehension, and High Stakes Test Taking Success Keep the Students but Get Rid of Their Bodies — A Practical Response to Educational Super-Inflation # American Employability, the Graduate Record Exam, and Spoken Professional American Dictionary English — A Practical Option for Today's Middle Schoolers # Ideas, Facts, and Startup Proposals — A New Format for Thought Experiments

Richard P Phelps:

Curriculum Vitae
Home page

articles in Academic Questions
author page at Martin Center for Academic Renewal
author page at Minding the Campus

Common Core's Language Arts # What I learned at the ResearchED (US) Media Panel # Surprise! SBAC and CRESST stonewall public records request for their financial records # Close all USED-funded research centers: Evaluation of existing regulations: My two bits # "Organizationally orchestrated propaganda" at ETS # Yes, President Trump can do something about Common Core # Among the Constructivists # More Common Core salespersons' salaries # 101 Terms for Denigrating Others' Research # 'One size fits all' national tests not deeper or more rigorous # Some Common Core Salespersons' Salaries: DC Edu-Blob-ulants # Fordham report predictable, conflicted # Censorship at Education Next # The Education Writers Association casts its narrowing gaze on Boston, May 1-3 # Fordham Institute's pretend research # David Coleman in Charge # Starting school already behind # No Child Left Behind Renewal: Blinders on Education Policy # Using middle schoolers for anti-testing advocacy? # Overtesting or Overcounting? # Large-scale educational testing in Chile: Some thoughts # A Review of the "Greene Method" for Calculating Graduation Rates # Characteristics of an Effective Testing System # Dropping the Ball on Dropouts # Remarks - AAP Debate on High-stakes Testing (Phelps) # Raising the Grade: How High School Reform Can Save Our Youth and Our Nation, by Bob Wise [book review] # Measuring Up: What Educational Testing Really Tells Us, by Daniel Koretz [book review] # If Certain Education Theorists Trained Olympic Athletes # The Dissolution of Education Knowledge (pdf) # Educational Testing Policy: Stuck Between Two Political Parties # Censorship Has Many Fathers # Standardized Testing, Regrettable Food, Urine Therapy, and Trichotillomania # Think Tank Thoughtlessness: A Once-in-a-generation opportunity squandered # The ethereal world of celebrity education research # Think Tanks, Celebrity Research, and the Dissolution of Education Knowledge # The Rigor of Scientifically-Based Research May be Mortis # High Stakes: Testing for Tracking, Promotion, and Graduation, by the National Research Council [book review]

Elizabeth Carson:

A Review of Inside the SAT # Testing Opponents Relentless in New York City #

Wayne Bishop:

Significance of PISA math results # Does Common Core add up for California's math students? # Wayne Bishop's observations on the Aspen Ideas Festival session, "Is Math Important?" # Wayne Bishop's Response to Ratner and Wu (Wall Street Journal) # Four years of California Mathematics progress # Note on Aspen Ideas Festival: Is Math Important? # Why Do Americans Stink at Math? Some of the Answer. # A Close Examination of Jo Boaler’s Railside Report # A Response to Some of the Points of: When Academic Disagreement Becomes Harassment and Persecution #

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