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Sandra Stotsky:

Curriculum Vitae
former University of Arkansas faculty page
Why Reading Teachers Are Not Trained to Use a Research-Based Pedagogy # High School Size and the Education of All Students in 9-12: What the Research Suggests

Will Fitzhugh:

Bibliophobia # The Whole Nine Yards # Luxury or Necessity? Term Papers in U.S. High Schools # High Mediocrity # Know Nothings II # Ready or Not # Double Vision # Romantic Fiction # Peremptory Challenges # Trivial Pursuit # Writing Report # The State of the Term Paper # Multiple Alternatives #

Erich Martel:

Review of the Minnesota Academic Standards in Social Studies # Accountability, responsibility and failed student achievement: Who is responsible? Who is accountable? How can it be fixed? [Washington, DC] # School Governance, Academic Accountability, and Student Achievement [Washington, DC] #

Robert Oliphant:

No Child Left Behind, No Diploma Left Unquestioned - The Social Impact of Standardized Achievement Testing # Pre-Disaster Educational Planning and Personal-Best Learning # Phantom Baccalaureates and the Princeton Review #

Richard P Phelps:

Curriculum Vitae
Home page
A Review of the "Greene Method" for Calculating Graduation Rates # Characteristics of an Effective Testing System # Dropping the Ball on Dropouts # Remarks - AAP Debate on High-stakes Testing (Phelps) # Raising the Grade: How High School Reform Can Save Our Youth and Our Nation, by Bob Wise [book review] # Measuring Up: What Educational Testing Really Tells Us, by Daniel Koretz [book review] # If Certain Education Theorists Trained Olympic Athletes # The Dissolution of Education Knowledge (pdf) # Educational Testing Policy: Stuck Between Two Political Parties # Censorship Has Many Fathers # Standardized Testing, Regrettable Food, Urine Therapy, and Trichotillomania # Think Tank Thoughtlessness: A Once-in-a-generation opportunity squandered # The ethereal world of celebrity education research # Think Tanks, Celebrity Research, and the Dissolution of Education Knowledge # The Rigor of Scientifically-Based Research May be Mortis # High Stakes: Testing for Tracking, Promotion, and Graduation, by the National Research Council [book review]

Elizabeth Carson:

A Review of Inside the SAT # Testing Opponents Relentless in New York City #

Wayne Bishop:

Four years of California Mathematics progress # [Back to Top]