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The Nonpartisan Education Review provides a forum for those interested in education issues but put off by the closed and censorial education policy groups affiliated with the political parties. We aim to make a difference by remaining non-aligned and non-partisan. Learn more about us and read the Nonpartisan Education Review® (ISSN 2150-6477), our peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal.  

Nonpartisan Education Review: ALL CONTENT, 2005-2018

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Special Section: The Common Core Dissenters:
In June 2010, the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers released Reaching Higher: The Common Core State Standards Validation Committee. The committee comprised 28 members, but the report included only 24 signatures. The 4 who did not go along are Alfinio Flores (U. Delaware), R. James Milgram (Stanford U.), Sandra Stotsky (U Arkansas), and Dylan Wiliam (ETS). Professor Flores declined to submit an explanation. But, dissents from Professors Milgram, Stotsky, and Wiliam can be found here:

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Special Section: The Problem of Private Data in Education Research: Point-Counterpoint: Educators, Cheating, & Testing Standards:

Nonpartisan Education Review: ALL CONTENT, 2005-2018

INTRODUCING: The Learning Scientists:
"We are cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education. Our main research focus is on the science of learning. Our Vision is to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other educators. We aim to: motivate students to study; increase the use of effective study and teaching strategies that are backed by research; and decrease negative views of testing. This is not a product or a sales pitch - just science!"

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ANNOUNCING: Barry Garelick is featured in a series of articles and podcasts at the Heartland Institute, in The Atlantic magazine, and in The Federalist.

INTRODUCING: New Educational Foundations: A Trans-ideological Journal of Criticism and ReviewTM. Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3 & Volume 4

SEE: Nonpartisan Education Review Board member Elizabeth Carson on EdCast (with Professors Fred Greenleaf and Sylvain Cappell, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU.), TOPIC: Math Education Reform: Does It Add Up?

INTRODUCING: Independent Voter News, "Unfiltered community news by independent contributors." (Tired of the Education Week, education-establishment, think-tank echo chamber?)
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ProCon.org posts an issue page on standardized tests. (See also their issue page on teacher tenure, issue page on school vouchers, issue page, Is College Worth It?, and Teachers' Corner: ProCon.org for Educators, Librarians, and Administrators.)

Nonpartisan Education Review: ALL CONTENT, 2005-2018

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